Final Four to lead the GAO?

It is looking more and more as if we may soon see a nominee for the position of Comptroller General.   CQ staffer David Clarke is reporting that the Congress will soon forward President Obama four candidates to be CG and lead the Government Accountability Office.

The four names are:

Linda J. Bilmes – currently a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government,

Gene Dodaro – who is acting CG since David Walker left nearly two years ago,

Ira Goldstein – who leads Deloitte Consulting’s federal government practice, and

Todd Platts – Republican Congressman serving York County, Pennsylvania.

Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Final Four to lead the GAO?

  1. Jonathan,
    I appreciate your following the CG selection process on your blog and that you have been using the GAO Seal. However, I wanted to call your attention to the fact that the Seal you have been using is now out of date. In November 2009 GAO revised the eagle image used in its GAO seal–the colors of the revised eagle now more closely resemble a typical bald eagle (i.e., the colors for the bald eagle head and tail were corrected and are now white). I have uploaded a JPG of the new GAO Seal to my website @ BTW, how is my old friend and former GAO colleague John Kamensky doing these days? 😉
    All the best,
    Robert (202-512-3282)

  2. Professor Bilmes is well-respected and has done a lot of work for veterans. She teaches cost accounting at Harvard. If she is selected, you could expect a big push for cost accounting and reform to the CFO Act at the federal level and also human capital reform. She co-authored a book with Scott Gould on this topic. If Goldstein is selected, I would guess he would work on financial reform. Probably Dodaro would not make any changes. Hard to imagine Obama would pick Republican Congressman Platts who just voted against the health care law, but who knows in this crazy town?

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