My Mission Statement

John Kamensky, IBM Center Senior Fellow
John Kamensky, IBM Center Senior Fellow

Happy New (Fiscal) Year 2010!

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?  If not, here is an idea . . .

When I was working for Vice President Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government in the 1990s, we were encouraged to craft personal mission statements.

My personal mission statement for more than a decade has been to “help create a government that is results-oriented, performance-based, citizen-focused, and collaborative in nature.”

I’ve found that this has helped me set priorities in what I do and how I approach my work.  I’ve modified it over the years, but found that it provides a useful focus in my day-to-day thinking.

Do you have a personal mission statement that you would be willing to share?


One thought on “My Mission Statement

  1. John:

    Over the years I have known you you have always lived up to your mission statement. To paraphrase St.Paul in his Second Letter to Timothy “you have fought the good fight “you have stayed the course you have kept the faith”.


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